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Technology Partners & Product Accreditations:

Matoto Technologies’s global partnerships with its technology partners remain critical to the company's success. The company is accredited by its vendors at the highest possible level both in the technical and sales arenas. Our technology partnerships form part of the company's business value chain. The company boasts a competitive and attractive pricing model as a result of direct purchases from its global technology partners. Matoto Technologies has strategically partnered with a number of third party service providers giving our clients access to a variety of IT services and solutions through a single point of contact.

Entensys Corporation

  • Safe Internet Access
  • Email Protection
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Solutions
  • Internet Access Control and Security
  • Corporate Mail Server
  • Gateway Antispam and Antimalware
  • Parental Control for Internet Use
  • E-mail Security
  • Cloud Antispam
  • Cloud Antivirus
  • E-mail Archiving and Backup
  • E-mail Log Reporting
  • E-mail Reputaion
  • Web Security
  • URL Filtering
  • Web 2.0 Security
  • Gateway Antivirus
  • Internet Traffic Analysis
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Web Proxy Server
  • Firewall
  • VPN Support
  • Web Caching
  • Web Log
  • Reporting
  • Web Reputation
  • Internet Access Control
  • Internet Applications Control
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Charactell. Limited

SoftWriting, Convert your pages containing handwritten notes to editable form quickly and easily

iREAD Forms SDK - Develop new applications with, or add, Advanced Character Recognition, to your existing ones

FormStorm Enterprise - Extract data from forms at a fraction of the cost of mainstream form processing software

Nagios Monitoring

  • RT Integration
  • HTTP Monitor
  • UPS Battery Monitoring
  • vSphere Performance Monitoring
  • Website Defacement Detection
  • Monitor Windows Processes
  • Monitoring Fedora
  • Exchange 2007 Monitor
  • Java Thread Monitor
  • Monitoring Amazon
  • Ping Monitor
  • Monitoring JBOSS
  • Monitoring SNMP
  • Exchange Monitoring
  • Monitor File Access
  • +LP

untangle - Network Policy at WorkTM

Virus Blocker - Get enterprise-grade anti-virus for extra protection

Virus Blocker Lite FREE - Prevent most viruses entering from the Internet.

Firewall FREE Separate and safeguard your internal network from the Internet.

Intrusion Prevention FRE - Stop outsiders from penetrating and infiltrating your network.

Phish Blocker FREE - Protect users from identity theft attempts and credit card capture scams.

Spyware Blocker FREE - Defend against spyware infiltrating your network and compromising your systems.|

Attack Blocker FREE -Prevent denial-of-service attacks.

Spam Blocker

Application Control

Ad Blocker FREE

Bandwidth Control

WAN Balancer


Policy Manager

Directory Connector

+ WAN Failover

KEMP Technologies Limited

  • Managed Hosting, Co-Location, and ASP
  • Layers 4-7 Load Balancing
  • Content Switching
  • Server Persistence
  • SSL Offload/Acceleration
  • Application Front-end (Caching, Compression and IPS security)
  • Industry leading price/performance value
  • Server Load Balancers
  • Exchange Load Balancers
  • Exchange Monitoring
  • Windows Terminal Services load balancing and persistence with Session Directory integration
  • +LP

Symantec [+] Norton [+] VeriSign [+] PC Tools [+]-

  • Backup Exec
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Ghost Solution Suite
  • NetBackup
  • Enterprise Vault
  • Client Management Suite
  • Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates
  • Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows
  • Code Signing for Android
  • eDiscovery Platform
  • Desktop and Laptop Option
  • Backup Exec
  • BackupExec V-Ray Edition
  • Mobile Management
  • Mobile Management for Configuration Manager
  • Mobile Security
  • NetBackup
  • NetBackup Appliance 5000 Series
  • NetBackup Appliance 5200 Series
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