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QuickBooks Payroll Software

Whether your business fits into the small, medium or large category, the likelihood is that you use payroll software on a regular basis. As the biggest seller of comprehensive accounting software packages in the world, QuickBooks has the perfect program to help you with all your business’s payroll requirements.

Each version of QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting system in its own right. From day one QuickBooks decided that their products would not be modular based. This means that once you’ve purchased, for example QuickBooks Pro, you will have all the features in it’s range. Clients who require additional features will then upgrade to the next level, which is Premier. QuickBooks does not have ‘hidden’ menus that you need to purchase to make it the ‘right’ accounting system for your business. All you need to do is to select the financial software package that suits your business perfectly.

Keep reading for more information about each of these five business software programs, or click on the respective links for a more detailed description of each particular package.

QuickBooks SimpleStart

This is a payroll software solution that is designed to meet the growing demands of South African small, medium and big business enterprises. It features everything from payroll calculations and leave registers to report writing – in other words, all that your business requires in terms of meeting payroll needs. This package caters for businesses with 1 to 120 employees.

Quick Payroll Lite

Quick Payroll Lite has all the innovative features of the Quick Payroll package, but as the name implies, it is more suited to smaller businesses. This payroll package caters for businesses with 1 to 20 staff members in their employ.

Do you have any questions or queries about our software? Contact us for further information relating to the QuickBooks payroll software packages.

Quick Payroll Startup

Quick Payroll Startup is designed to meet the fast growing needs of dynamic South African SMEs. It simply manages all aspects regarding payroll, including payroll calculations, leave registers, report writing, tax year-end, and more. Quick Payroll Startup interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software, which means your general ledger journals will automatically update.

Our solution automatically provides new tax law or statutory upgrades as they arise, keeping you on the payroll cutting edge. What is more, our Quick Payroll Startup is so flexible; it can be used in any industry sector, injecting value into your company, employee and client relations across the board.

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