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Managed Services

IT Security Services & Laptop, Computer and PC Repair

Keep your key talent focused on strategic projects and greater innovation when you shift routine IT responsibilities to Matoto Technologies. Computer Support Companies Midrand can be divided in to two major portions and they are hardware and software. if you want to establish office with IT support then you will need the IT support companies to evaluate the requirements and accordingly buy both hardware and software and install the in the office. Computing at home is different from office and commercial shops as most use smartphone or tablets to get work done or own both. It means you will need the assistance of Smartphone tablet repair Gauteng who will repair these electronic items when they break down. The advent of IT also has extended a number of business processes that you will need to run business successfully and the IT managed services Gauteng can offer you in a single window that you can easily handle without spending on infrastructure and extra employees. The Computer Laptop Repair Gauteng will provide you an array of services that are relevant to you work and machines because IT field is not within the limitation of a common man’s knowledge. With 24x7 Managed Security Services, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Services from Matoto Technologies, you can defend your IT systems and data against today’s sophisticated cyber-threats, prevent breaches and respond more quickly to secure sensitive data before it is compromised, so our Managed Services includes :

  • IT Advisory, Governance, Support & Consulting
  • IT Solutions for Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises(SMMEs)
  • Virus, Spy-ware Removal, Firewall Setup & Security
  • Servers, Laptop Computer and PC Repair
  • Computer Hardware & Software Sales
  • Internet Access Control and Security
  • Corporate Mail Server - secure corporate email management
  • Website Design, Hosting & Email Marketing.
  • Email Marketing & Corporate Mail Servers e.g. yourname@yourcompany.co.za
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